Why I Designed My Planner Pages In Special Sections

When I went looking for a new planner last year, I simply couldn’t find one that had everything I wanted in it. I needed monthly pages for my blog posts, weekly pages for meal planning and exercise plans, and daily pages that included sections for work, my Bible study, health and journaling. So when in need, make it yourself.

I designed left hand and right hand pages to alternate with preprinted days of the week. In my word processing program, I made a box the size of the planner page and made smaller boxes inside it. I wanted very specific headers: word of the day, today’s goal, Bible reading and Bible study; distance walked and cups for my water intake; a thankfulness journaling block and a place to record the best part of my day; that day’s prayer requests and a spot for my priority of the day.

On the preprinted pages, I continue whatever theme and design I used on the opposite page. For today’s page, I used a washi tape for the accents and included a few banners for embellishments. I also add an extra double-sided lined page to rewrite my sermon notes from both services so I’ll have the handy to go over again. With these personalized planner pages, I can be organized, inspired and reminded of the needs of the day. What do you use for your daily planning and prioritizing?


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