Using Washi Tape On Your Planner Layouts

There are two places you’ll find washi tape in my house: on the dining room table with my Bible study materials and on the desk where I decorate my planner. There are so many amazingly wonderful things washi tape can be used for in any kind of calendar or planner, and here are just a few.

1. Outline anything and everything. It’s so much cooler than a plain black line.
2. Layer chunks of thick and thin washi for embellishments.
3. Cover the cut edge of a sticker or other image for a finished edge.
4. Solid colors can be written on with markers for an instant label.
5. Create a frame to mark important sections.

6. Border the entire outside of a two-page spread to tie them together.
7. Cover up words or designs you don’t really want to see or use.
8. Tear off pieces and use to attach pictures or notes.
9. Stamp on them to make your own coordinating pattern.
10. Cut with decorative scissors for fun borders.

11. Tape side by side to a piece of card stock. Draw a shape with a template over the whole things and cut out to make a quilted shape.
12. Cut thick triangles of washi to make banner flags.
13. Layer with month and date stickers to create page toppers.
14. Add tiny dots to turn any tape into a to-do list check-off strip.
15. Use three pieces of thin washi to make arrows and brackets.

What is your most favorite tool for decorating and embellishing your planner?


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