Using Even The Largest Embellishments On Your Cards

One of my goals this year has been to “go shopping” in my own craft room. While I still have to buy the practical supplies like tape and card stock, I’ve challenged myself to use everything I have on hand before I go shopping anywhere else. That’s where the inspiration for my new butterflies line of cards came from.

For these cards, I raided the paper scraps bag to get coordinating decorator paper in spring colors. I also had some spring stickers and acrylic dots from the dollar store, my favorite acrylic dots from the craft store and an envelope full of Scripture I printed out earlier in the year.

My favorite craft room find was a package of bulletin board butterflies from the teacher store. They are slightly different sizes and shapes, but they’re all fairly large. This jumpstarted my brain to thinking about how I could use them on my cards.

My normal - and favorite - card size is 6.25x4.5 inches, which is designed for a very specific box of envelopes I always have on hand. Almost all of the butterflies fit on the front of these cards, though not all of them. The purple card in the picture above is one of my favorites because the solution to it not fitting on the card was simply to cut it in half and make two cards out of it! Score!

I’m beyond ready for spring, and these beautiful colors and butterflies make it feel like warmer days are on their way. Look for these card sets at soon!


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