Creating An Undoubtably March Monthly Planner Spread

If you’re going to choose a theme, go big! Don’t play around with a little green and a shamrock here or there. It’s March! Prove it! This was basically my head cannon while I made this green monthly layout for this month’s planner. I use these pages for my blog post list along with plans I would like to do in the future. Having it all in one place is the best way for me to keep my ideas in line!

I started this spread by printing out my two-page monthly template on white paper. Then I outlined each page with a transparent green washi tape so you can still see the lines through it. That amazing green shamrock washi tape splits up the weeks and just makes it fun! I don’t need huge boxes just to write a blog title, so thick tape is very good.

I have a sticker book of monthly stickers, which is where the accent stickers came from. They range from holidays and special occasions to great phrases in coordinating colors. Any time I can coordinate things without thinking (which means someone else coordinates them for me!), I’m all for it. Now I can go through and start penciling in my blog plans for the month. And at the rate this year is going by, it will be full before I know it!


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