Puppies Love The Sunshine, Too!

The last of the fall colors are hanging on for dear life out here on the property. After a week of cold and snow, the sun is actually shining brightly and warming everything up again. It's just been that kind of year, right?

The puppies and I took advantage of the strange summer weather to go exploring. They've been cooped up for entirely too long, and they've been getting into all kinds of trouble in the house. I was hoping to burn off some of their energy and keep them from eating any more furniture.

For the most part it worked. At least I could un-entangle myself and keep from falling flat on my face.

Their goal was to sniff absolutely everything on every square inch of land we own. My goal was to keep them out of the water and not chasing after beavers and coyotes. The five of us all achieved our goals.

We had such a good time, and yes - they sniffed and wandered and discovered exactly where the animals they see from the windows are walking. As long as they were together, they were deliriously happy.

Winter will come soon enough, so for the moment we're going to soak up the sunshine. And if you see three black and white tuxedo dogs and a golden Great Dane running around your yard, hold on to them for me, will you?


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