My “Fall Blessings” Planner Layout

Here are my colors! Those deep, rich colors of fall are my favorites, so this week’s planner spread is full of them. Other than putting a lion’s mane on our Great Dane and making her queen of the jungle, we don’t celebrate Halloween, so I chose an autumn-themed week instead.

I mixed several sets of journal blocks and embellishments together this week, and they all coordinate like they were made to work as a team! I designed this left hand page to be one huge prayer list - there are many, many prayer requests on my heart right now, and if I don’t use this whole page to have them recorded, I think my brain my possibly explode. Please pray with me that God will do great and wonderful things in response to these prayers. 

Between work, youth group, voting, errands, some special projects around the house and listings for the new Stuff From Trees website (, I know exactly how full this page will be by the weekend. It’s times like these that having an organized and planned-out week will be absolutely necessary, while still remaining open to anything or anyone no God places in my path. I pray your week will be blessed beyond measure and that we all have boldness and opportunity to share our faith with someone in the busy days ahead.


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