My “Glory To God” Planner Layout

There are two empty days on last week’s planner layout, two days when a head cold knocked me out. It made me a little sad because 1. I didn’t feel well and 2. I really liked that layout. For that very reason, I can’t wait to tackle this week in a butterfly and bird-loaded planner spread!

With a no-longer-stuffed-up head and a somewhat rested body, I’m looking forward to using this week’s layout to its full extent. And I pray that I’ll be able to accomplish things, not so I can cross them off or have a full page of writing at the end of the week, but so it will all be done to the glory of God.

I have been blessed beyond measure, so both pages are full of reminders to focus on those God-given blessings. I’ve seen so much answered prayer in the past few days that I’m overwhelmed. I know there will be so many more answered prayers this week specifically, and there are places on this spread to write them all down. It’s going to be a great week because God has already planned out what’s going to happen and who I’ll get to minister to - and I’m willing to take it on for my good and His glory.


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