Brownie Waffles - Because There Are No Smash-Up Names That Work

Sometimes the best things are the most simple things. This totally applies to brownie waffles. You can put any kind of batter in your waffle maker, wait for it to cook in about two minutes and then decorate it to your heart’s content. I used brownie batter to make waffles for the chili cook off last night and the youth bonfire tonight.

You can decorate them just about any way you want. The brownie batter crusts all beautiful and crispy on the outside, so you don’t have to worry about it getting soggy and mushy. I set out frosting, caramel sauce, mini chocolate chips and that fun autumn mix with he adorable pumpkins. Mine looks very simplistic, almost minimalistic.

And then Danny brings this to the table. It was very possibly the most beautiful culinary creation I have ever seen. The frosting made the perfect base for a coating of mini chocolate chips, a caramel drizzle and three candy corn for good measure. But the best part was the caramel smear on the side, just like you’d get in a fancy restaurant. My award-winning chili chef husband is the best at desserts, too!


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