My “Plants Are Our Friends” Planner Layout

Before we go any further, let me tell you that this week’s planner layout is wish fulfillment. I don’t have a green thumb - in fact, it’s pretty much black and dead and about to fall off. There are a handful of plants in our home, all in one place, and I have to work very hard not to kill them, like I killed a cactus in college. That’s stayed with me all these years.

So my planner will be filled with plants this week, and that will make me happy. I used them to cover up the journal block headers that I never use, and I bordered the whole layout with the cutest cactus washi tape I’ve ever seen. There are so many prayer requests on my heart this week that I may just fill this whole page with them, keeping them in the front of my mind.

Our Bible study is youth group Wednesday is about what God controls and what we control, and we’ll be using a giant tv remote as our visual aid. Between my notes for that lesson, errands I have to run and the normal work lists I make, these pages are going to be full by the weekend, I’m sure. But look at those sweet plants! They’ll keep me smiling as I go.


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