My “October” And “Fall Is The Best” Planner Layouts

Can you believe that it’s actually October? I’m not complaining because I love this time of year, it just seems like summer flew by. When I look at my planner for this month, I can’t help but smile seeing all those beautiful pumpkins. The monthly spread is where I keep track of blog and social media schedules, so I’ll get to look at it every day during October - that makes me very happy.

There’s just something about falling leaves, trucks full of pumpkins and thoughts of home that make me want to pull on a warm sweater and fix some hot apple cider. There’s a lot of planning, scheduling and organizing to do this month, but it’s a joy with pretty pages like these. I love scattering some stickers and die cuts across the entire page, but it’s especially effective with leaves, when they look like the wind is blowing them around.

Ok, so how can you resist these cute little faces? Well, I couldn’t, so that’s why these woodland creatures cover my first planner spread of October. This will give you some idea of what life is like on the Carrell Wildlife Preserve because you can look out our window and see a scene like this most every day.

If this little fox doesn’t make you smile, the raccoon and the owl will, for sure. These are puffy stickers, which I don’t normally use in my planner, but I couldn’t help myself. Any embellishments with depth - like puffy stickers, rhinestones or even thicker die cuts - make it difficult to write on the other side of the page. Thee trick is to put them where there is no writing space behind it or use them sparingly. I did neither here, so there is an exception to this rule ... apparently.

With the first week of October starting in the middle of the week, I had the top half of the page free to do whatever I wanted. Instead of some big quote or collage of stickers, I added a large journal block that had no other home, and it fits perfectly. The color and “note this” phrase are a great way to begin the month and decorate with some otherwise unused embellishments. Different can be very good!


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