Fall Colors On The Property - More Or Less

This year has been so weird already, why not have some unusual stuff happen in nature, too? I was looking back at pictures of the property from previous autumns, and there was much more color, more widespread and for a longer period of time. We definitely had bright colors this year, but they were smaller and didn’t last as long.

At this moment, the trees are dropping their leaves at a crazy speed. You can really see it along the driveway, which always makes me feel like we’re driving into a national park. Some of the trees still have full, green leaves, while others are completely bare. (Don’t look ... they’re naked!)

So here is the backyard on that one peak day of fall color. It makes me want to put on flannel, wrap up in a chunky blanket and drink apple cider. This is still my favorite time of year, and if I have to really search out the changing leaves, so be it. There’s beauty out there to find in fall in Iowa, you just may need to look a little harder.


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