Your Planner Gets Its Own Charm Bracelet!

I'm a planner girl, a list maker and a crosser-offer of completed things kind of woman. My planner is never more than an arm's length away, and one of my great joys is turning blank pages into weekly works of art. So it was only natural to add some sparkle and give my planner its own charm bracelet!

And that's literally what this is - a 7.5-inch charm bracelet. I chose the one with the biggest chunk of chain so I could attach anything I needed. Using the clasp already on it, the chain was exactly the same length as the spine of my planner and even had a little tail on the end. I added a second clasp at the bottom to connect it and keep it in place.

Now for the fun part! I found several charms that I absolutely love and started attaching them. This set was simple because they already came with clasps. The heart makes me smile!

For the charms with no clasp, I added my own. I usually have a few jewelry making supplies in the craft room, so I used plain circle links to attach clasps to the charm. Now they are easily removable and interchangeable.

So here's my finished product! A woman visiting our office at work this week noticed it and wished she'd thought of it for her own planner. I responded that it's never too late to make your planner sparkle!


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