DIY Patriotic 4th Of July Wreath

Let’s start this week before Independence Day at the front door! You can put together a fun patriotic wreath with just four simple pieces - and you can mix and match and red, white and blue decorations in it that you want. So get creative!

For my wreath, I used my white wreath, which is a wreath form with several lengths of white, glittered garland wrapped around and through it. The rest is from the dollar store - wood stars on burlap, star scatter and stars-and-stripes burlap ribbon.

The strip of burlap was the perfect length to go around the wreath six times. Hanging it while I work is always easier for me, but work it however you’d like.

The stars on burlap is attached through the wreath and not he back with a twist tie. Then comes the fun part! The red and blue stars from the scatter are just tucked securely into the wreath. You could always glue them in if you’d like to keep it for the next year, but I use this wreath for everything, so I like to keep it interchangeable. It’s fun, it’s cute and it’s so patriotic! It’s a keeper for the rest of July.


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