Sunday Sketches

If you’ve followed my craft posts for any length of time, you know that I love layers. A sticker on a piece of paper doesn’t cut it for me and my style. I like combining colors, patters and textures to create my finished product.

That’s why I love today’s sketch! The card I made it with has the best colors, and a couple of patterned papers makes it really eye catching. The four-square design of the die cut started it all, so I built this card from the front to the back.

Ready to make this card your own? Start with the four-square image and work your way back. You can use whatever images you like, then create the four squares with card stock or decorator paper. The sentiment should be the same length as the squares above it.

Then choose your solid card stock color and two patterned papers that coordinate with your die cut. One will be the background and the other will be the strip across the middle of the card.

Did you make this card or one from a previous Sunday Sketch? Share it here and show how you personalized this sketch with your own creative style.


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