Sunday Sketches

My guess is that you have a boatload of summer birthday parties coming up. If you do, you’ll love being able to use this sketch and make some incredibly memorable birthday cards!

I used my denim paper stack to make a whole set of cards, and this one was my favorite. It would work perfectly for an older boy because of the more masculine colors.

The sketch itself is pretty amazing, too. The strip of leather-looking decorator paper for the center banner breaks up the pattern, and the two dark denims are perfect for contrasting mats. The images are all textured, so that adds a little more dimension.

Ready to make this sketch your own? Start with a small pattern for your background paper. Then you’ll need a contrasting pattern for your center banner and two more colors for mats.

The large image is your focal point, so mat it on a square of paper that will really make it pop. Then add your sentiment to overlap it, and finish with another accent or two. The grommets on the left side of the banner are printed on the paper, but it would be a great place to add eyelets or brads if you wanted to.

When you’ve made this card, make sure you share it with me! I love seeing what you’re able to do with a simple Sunday Sketch!


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