Summer On the Property Before And After The Flooding

It's been very dramatic on the property over the past few weeks. The weather has been unpredictable at best and destructive at worst. We're blessed that it hasn't been as bad as it could have been, but we're definitely ready to move past this part of the storm season. On the plus side, it's made for some amazing pictures.

The constant rain has brought out an abundance of wildflowers. Since we haven't been able to mow much (if at all on some acres), there is an amazing variety of species, colors and sizes. 

The standing water has definitely been a problem. Mowing has been next to impossible, especially when the tractor gets stuck in the mud. Praise the Lord that nothing was broken in the process of getting it out! It was down at the base of this huge hill, but it was in a clearing that is pretty protected.

This week the little pond filled and overflowed its banks. I'm honestly surprised that it hadn't happened sooner with all this rain. The geese are happy, though, as are the fish and the frogs.

But there is always hope in the promise of tomorrow. The blackberry bushes are flourishing! I can't wait to see the crop we harvest this year, as they're well watered for sure! I'll probably have to wear my hip waders to go pick them, though! But totally worth it.


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