Someone Totally Needs To Invent A Smell-O-Phone

Danny had yesterday off, and he was able to get so much done on the property. (Thank you, Lord, for keeping the rain away.) So there I was, sitting at work minding my own business, when I get this text. Attached was the picture above with the words: About to go on. My wonderful, amazing, talented husband was grilling St. Louis Ribs! Maybe he should have a day off more often ... not so subtle hint there.

All he did was a put a simple dry rub on them to start with. The secret then is to cook them fairly slowly without letting the temperature get too high too fast. He made a three-ingredient basting sauce, and that was it. But it takes mad skills, I tell you. So when I got home, they were done and resting. This is the finished product, and they were SO good. I thank Butcher Box for the grass-fed meat and Danny for spoiling me like crazy every chance he gets.


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