A Psalm For Every Occasion

We’ve been teaching our youth group that whenever God repeats an idea or a phrase in Scripture, it means it’s incredibly important. We want them to be aware of those repetitions so they’re paying attention to God and His will.

Putting that truth to practice in my own life, it was simple to choose the book of Psalms for my summer Bible study. I’ve been seeing devotions and online Bible studies and framed artwork from the Psalms everywhere, and it’s the book we’re in right now in our Through the Bible in a Year devotion here.

So, yes, Lord - I get it. Psalms it is.

Between David, Asaph and the other writers of Psalms, they ran the gamut of emotions and sentiments. They had psalms for good times and bad times, for praise and for lamenting, for mountaintop days and for days spent dragging themselves through the valleys. You will find exactly what your soul needs on any given day just by reading through the Psalms.

Here’s a great way to do that: There are 150 Psalms. If you read five Psalms every day, you’ll read through all of them in a month. Add one of the 31 Proverbs to that, and you’ll be reading six chapters of Scripture every day for the month in just a few minutes a day.

Want something deeper than that? Read a commentary about the day’s Psalms and take notes either in a journal or in the margins of your Bible. Find a good study book or online Bible study that will ask you some deep questions and encourage you to dig into the Scriptures.

For the creative among us, do something artsy with the Psalms of the day. Turn your journal into a doodle book. Paint or draw an image from the daily reading. Personally, I love these coloring pages from Christian Art Gifts. They’re the size of a playing card, and they’re covered in amazing Psalms, other Scriptures and encouraging messages of faith. They’re a great way to shut out the noise of the day and meditate on God’s Word.

I encourage you to listen to where God wants you to be studying today, this week or this month. For me it was the Psalms, but for you it could be a word study on something significant in your life right now. It could be a certain book of the Bible, or it might be journaling along with the question of the day right here at Victorious Christian Woman. You can find the daily reading and writing in the left column or drop down menu on the home page.

Where God leads you to dive into His Word today, I pray you will grow in knowledge, increase in understanding and find His wisdom along the way.


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