Our Youth Group Word Wall

We are absolutely in love with the start of our word wall in the teen room. They chose a handful of words that meant something special to them in their Christian walk, and we accented it with a few string art pieces.

The result? We want to do more!

Each of the string art boards was made by hand, pounding in nails and stringing them with embroidery floss. Again, we chose words and symbols that tell a story about how we want to live the life of a believer to the fullest.

For a step-by-step string art tutorial, you'll want to read this.

Danny cut 1/4-inch craft plywood into 6-inch squares for the Scrabble tiles. I created the letters and numbers in Pages on the computer and sized them to fit in a 6-inch space so they looked like the actual game tiles.

After sanding the boards down, Danny wood burned the letters using my patterns. I think they turned out absolutely perfectly, and they're just the right size for our wall space.
As we worked on each piece, we would play around with the layout so we knew what we had to work with. Needless to say, the only thing that stayed the same was the layout of the words themselves.

They're all attached to the wall with Command strips, so they're easy to take down and rearrange if we need to.

So now, we're asking you for your input.

If you had the next play on our Scrabble game board, what word would you add, where would you play it and how does it mean something special in your Christian walk? We'd love to hear from you, and we'll choose some of the suggestions to continue adding to our word wall.


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