What To Do With Your Garden When You Hate To Weed

I finally figured out what to do with our corner garden space. This little plot of ground has been the bane of my existence since we moved in, and I'm not exaggerating. Weeding is my least favorite thing in the whole wide world, so the prettiness never lasted and there was little to show for my hard work. This beautiful rock garden is now my perfect solution.

Part of the problem was that I planted a package of wildflower seeds in it three or four years ago. This was a huge mistake. It was impossible to keep it looking healthy, and it was mostly green blades of weeds. So this is what it looked like a week ago.

After I pulled everything out and turned up the dirt, I put down a thick layer of newspaper. The "experts" say that this will block the weeds from coming up and will decompose over a matter of time. I'm interested to see how well this works.

New, fresh dirt. I'm not sure that's the technical way to say it, but that's what it is. The dirt already there was more like clay and had a ton of rocks in it. Not pretty and definitely not conducive for growing things.

 This is the new home for my pineapple plant and my aloe plants. They were both crammed into small indoor pots, so it was time to bring them outside and let them spread their leaves. To plant them, I broke through the newspaper a little and packed them in with the new soil.

The final step was filling in the rest of the garden with rocks. You don't have to weed rocks, and that makes me very happy. What makes me even happier is that making this pretty little garden space didn't cost a penny. Everything I used was something we already had on the property. Now it will be nice to look at and much less work to maintain. I like that combination.


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