What Is Your T-shirt Advertising?

Danny and I love to people watch. Sometimes it's fun to just sit and watch the people go by. Places like airports, restaurants, malls and any outdoor venue offer up thousands of people to watch from afar. You're not judging or making fun; you're just noticing and talking about things.

When we did this at our recent craft show, it struck me how many people wore shirts that said something. They were all advertising in one way or another, whether it was intentional or not.

Think about all the shirts out there:

* sports teams
* your hometown
* a school activity
* a community event
* a company logo
* civic groups
* a place you've visited
* favorite animals
* music groups

And there are many more that I could have listed. So every person that walked past was wearing a shirt that advertised their own life - who they like, who they support, who they work for. You get the idea.

But my absolute favorite was a teenage girl's. it simply read: It's not religion. I'm forgiven.

Wow. Talk about powerful. Her faith in Christ was so strong that she was willing to display it on her shirt for everyone to see. It was more important to her than advertising a business, supporting a sports franchise or telling a funny joke.

Am I willing to do that? Are you? Can we step out of our comfort zone and share our faith with anyone who is people watching?

What are you advertising today?


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