String Art Tree Slice Ornament DIY

I absolutely adore the newest line from Stuff From Trees - tree slice string art! (Say that five times fast.) They're a blast to make, and this small size makes them perfect for gifts. And you'll probably want a set for yourself, too.

I used the band saw to cut slices from a medium-sized branch, the belt sander to smooth both sides a little and the drill press to make the holes for the twine. Having the right tools makes a huge difference in efficiency and productivity. Plus, I just really like using power tools.

Using a shape template, I marked tiny dots where I wanted each nail. 

Then, with a pair of pliers to hold the nails, I used a small hammer to set them. For an inch-thick tree slice, I chose 3/4-inch wire nails. When they're that tiny, pliers protect your fingers from getting smashed. Huge bonus.

With six-strand embroidery floss, I tied a knot around the bottom nail.

There are a couple of different ways to outline the shape with thread - either run it along the underside of each nail head or wrap it around each nail head. After trying it both ways, I generally prefer to wrap it around each nail. Then you know it's secure, it won't move and it keeps the nails in place better.

Now for the fun part - making the design in floss. There's no real rhyme or reason unless you're making a specific pattern.

 Just wrap the thread around one nail head, choose another one, and another one, and another one...

...until you've filled in the center of the shape. Then I tied thick twine through the drilled hole to make it an ornament. We currently have seven designs that we'll be bringing to our July 26 show in Oskaloosa. We can't wait for you to come visit our booth and see all the ornaments for yourself!


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