You Know You're A Puppy Mama When You Say...

 A Great Dane and two 8-month-old puppies in the house. It's not even 8 a.m. and I've already said...

* Seriously? Stop!
* Diesel Mac! Stop chewing on your sister's leg!
* We just got back inside - you don't need to go again.
* Please don't bring sticks in the house.
* Molly, the babies aren't chairs. Don't sit on them!

* It's a squirrel, not a burglar!
* Oh look, I walked through pools of water around the dog bowls again.
* We should have purchased stock in carpet cleaner companies. We'd be rich.
* Off the counter. I don't care how cute you are.
* Callie Dee, your brother is not a chew toy!

* Stuffing goes INSIDE the pillows!
* This is the living room, not a demolition derby course!
* Come here. Come here. HERE!
* Now that my shoulder is dislocated, will you stop pulling on the leash?
* We have the best puppies in the whole wide world.


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