Mixed And Matched Valentine's Day Treats

Let's make this Valentine's Day one to remember by mixing and matching our sweet treats. All you need are a few baked goods in contrasting colors and a variety of your favorite decorations.  

Pull out a couple of heart shaped cookie cutters, then cut your cake in half. Cut a heart out of the top half and use frosting or jam to seal them back together. These strawberry cake hearts have strawberry jam between them and are filled with sprinkles.

You can do this with cupcakes, too. Slice the top off right at the wrapper line and use a tiny heart cookie cutter to make the opening. Cover the bottom cake with frosting and put them back together. Then you can fill them with sprinkles or colored sugar - the frosting will hold it in place.

My favorite mix and match is to use cookie cutters on both flavors of cake and swap out the parts. A little bit of frosting will seal them together and hold on any tiny hearts you want to put on top.


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