30 Things To Get Rid Of In 30 Days

Seriously, why do we keep some of the things we keep? I'm not talking about a junk drawer in the kitchen. I'm talking about ... stuff. Just plain stuff that we don't need.

What would happen if you were to take the next 30 days and do a purge through your entire house? Not some heavy-duty cleaning, just getting rid of 30 little things that you have absolutely no use for. And you might find some things you forgot you had. Or never knew you had. Or thought were gone forever. How much fun would that be?

Start with these 30 things to get rid of and see where it takes you.

1. Receipts that are more than a year old
2. Magazines that are more than a year old
3. Anything in the kitchen with an expired date
4. Expired coupons
5. Nail polish that you don't use or has gone bad
6. Covers for cell phones you don't even own anymore
7. Old, worn-out bed sheets
8. Pillows that are stained or flat
9. Towels that you can't get the musty smell out of
10. Shoes that are falling apart
11. Stained or smelly plastic food containers
12. Out-of-date reference books
13. Out-of-date work manuals or textbooks
14. Owners manuals to electronics you no longer own
15. Make up that is too old or too ugly
16. DVDs that no longer play right
17. CDs that no longer play right
18. Plastic shopping bags
19. Dish towels and dishcloths that are stained or don't absorb water anymore
20. T-shirts to events and concerts you don't remember attending
21. Scraps of wrapping paper
22. Socks that no longer have a mate
23. Hair accessories that are broken, stretched out or are caked in hair spray
24. Jewelry that is broken or tarnished
25. Any clothes that are stained or beyond repair
26. Old power cords you don't have devices for anymore
27. Books you read but didn't like
28. Store gift cards or rewards cards that are empty or no longer valid
29. Christmas lights and accessories that no longer light up
30. Old eye glass or sunglasses that are the wrong prescription or are scratched


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