Turn An Old Box Into An Upcycled Basket

I've been saving boxes in the garage for months to be able to make baskets out of them. I'm not sure why it took so long, but it's an adorable upcycing project and so easy to put together. Just make sure you have a ton of hot glue on hand before you start. You're going to need it.

I started by cutting off the box flaps.

A thinner rope is easier to keep in place with hot glue, but it also means you need more of it to wrap all the way to the top of the box. Keep this in mind before you begin.

I cut a piece of leftover fabric large enough to fit loosely inside the box and overlap the top. As you wrap and glue your rope, catch the edges of the fabric to hold it in place.

If possible, keep all your end pieces on the back of the box. It took two rolls of rope for me to wrap it completely, so my four ends are all on one side.

 My box is big enough to hold plenty of ... stuff! I'm excited to see what you'll fill your box-basket with.


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