When Is A Tennis Ball Not A Tennis Ball?

When it's a tool to keep your dog from eating too fast!

While the girls are a little more delicate in their eating (as delicate as a Great Dane can be, I suppose), Diesel is like a vacuum cleaner. He doesn't even stop to breathe, let alone chew before he swallows.

It hasn't been a problem for him health-wise yet, but it definitely could be. Unchewed food can expand in a dog's belly and cause indigestion. This is definitely not good for the puppy or the person who has to clean up after him.

One way to slow down a dog's eating is to put a ball in the food bowl. When we do this with Diesel, he has to push the ball around to get to the food. It's not a perfect solution, but it definitely hinders him enough to make him slow down. Hopefully it will help in the long run. Plus, his sisters will come get the ball out when they're done eating so they can play with it. Food and fun!

What does feeding time at your house look like?


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