Cabinet Door Coat Hanger Upcycle

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I were out walking on her property when I spied her burn pile. Mixed in with some broken-down wood and old tree limbs was this beautiful wood cabinet door. I learned that her contractor had left a bunch of scraps from his own wood shop there, and they were planning to use them for a bonfire and s'mores party. I quickly captured a few of the pieces to take home with me, and that's where this entryway coat hanger came from.

Putting it together was quite simple with the right tools and a husband who knows how to use them. Since the door was outside for several weeks, the first step was to get it cleaned up. I just used hot water and got in all the corners and crevices.

I got three hangers at the local hardware store, where you can find them in a variety of styles and price ranges. I didn't mind paying a little bit for them since the door didn't cost me anything. Danny and his drill/screwdriver were greatly needed here, as the wood is quite hard and dense.

I already had a screw and sleeve in the entryway wall, so all I needed was an alligator-tooth picture hanger on the back.

A set of large alphabet stickers from the dollar store made creating the words easy, especially since they are repositionable. I'm not terribly adept at making anything in a straight line without some help.

The sign coordinates perfectly with the entry display I already have set up. It's also bright and cheery, great for seeing first thing int he morning when I take Molly outside.

Our 90-degree weather doesn't lend itself to needing coat hangers right now, but it will be ready for umbrellas now or jackets in the fall.


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