Twins On The Carrell Wildlife Preserve

Congratulations - it's twins!

These two baby raccoons have apparently lost their mother because we see them out and about at all times of the day. They're also not afraid of humans, so we're guessing they were never taught that survival skill.

They're do surprisingly well on their own, though. They live in a small patch of forrest at the top of the driveway and go back and forth by the house to get to the small pond. They're constantly eating, when they're not running and chasing each other. And getting wet in the rain.

While they are absolutely adorable, they are still wild animals. No matter how cute they are, never approach or try to help wild creatures in any way. In this case, raccoons grow up to be mean, and having them near the house could be incredibly dangerous. Also, their waste can carry diseases harmful to both humans and pets. It's just not worth it.

Our newest solution to this pesky problem is to let Molly out on the deck. When they see a Great Dane headed outside, they head for the hills. They've been hiding out under our deck, so hopefully her increased presence will keep them away from the house.

If you have the chance to watch some wildlife at your own home, enjoy it from the window. Please don't try to rescue something just because it's cute. God has His nature completely under control, and stepping in can make things worse. Don't endanger yourself, your family or your pets just because of a compassionate heart.


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