Removing Spray Paint Over-Spray From Wood

One of our new home improvement projects requires a black wall to start with. (More on that next week!) Spray painting the wall black was easy, but when I removed the painter's tape from the edge, I realized my mistake. There was more over-spray than I expected, and it was quite obvious against the light wood.

So what's a DIY girl to do? I grabbed a bottle of olive oil and two microfiber cloths. A small amount of olive oil gives the wood a slick surface to start with.

Then I took a plastic scraper, this one from our kitchen sink, and wrapped it in another cloth. This protects the wood so you won't be able to gouge the wood or the finish. The scraper will peel away the paint and the cloth collects and traps it so you won't spread it to other parts of the wood surface.

A little bit of elbow grease was all it took to scrape away the dried paint.

I know the popular thing now is to do as little work as you can to accomplish the same job, but in this case that shouldn't apply. I got all the paint removed, and I won't have to do an upper body workout for a week! That's called multitasking.

It was neat to see the result of all that hard work on the cloth when I was finished. Now we can move on to the next stage of our project - stay tuned!


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