Summer Entryway Decor

When Danny was ready to throw out his old pair of work boots, I quietly set them aside. It's not because they're all that special, but because I knew I wanted to use them. (Not wear them, believe you me!) Those boots were to be the main attraction in the summer decor of our entryway.

It started simply - three crates I already had, two sets of flower arrangements and a pair of old boots. Sorry ... no partridge in this pear tree.

The vases are the perfect height to tuck into the boots. Yes, I measured the boots beforehand, so it wasn't luck, just really great planning.

Here's how to make an arrangement without using florist foam: spread the branches wide on your largest leaves or flowers.

Do the same thing with the next size and tuck them to one side.

Repeat with the third stem, this time inserting it on the opposite side so it is balanced. Floof the leaves a little so they're intertwined.

You can use this same technique with the flowers, setting them down in the middle of the arrangement, or you can cut them apart and insert them individually. There will be enough crossing stems inside to hold them in place.

Now you have a completed arrangement in your boot. Adjust it to your heart's content. And then you can add all sorts of other bits and pieces from around the house to fill in the spaces in the crates. We have plenty of great pieces tucked away in closets that we just didn't have room for, but now they'll be the first things we see when we come home.


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