Molly's Guide To Setting Up A Puppy Play Date

Molly says there are certain things you need to do to have the perfect puppy play date.

1. Invite your very favorite friends to your house.

2. Spend some time sniffing everything and looking out the windows.

 3. Share all of your favorite toys.

4. Chase each other around the room because that is always fun.

5. Offer your friends a drink after playing so hard.

6. Do more sniffing, playing and running.

7. Give them a tour of the house so they can sniff more things and possibly find more toys to play with.

8. Walk your friends to the door when it's time for them to go home.

9. Once your puppy friends have gone home, curl up in Mama's lap, thank her for letting them come to visit and then take a good, long nap.


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