A Week of Identifying Your Walls

Up at the top of the hill by the big barn, there is a large circle of native grasses. It stands about 7 feet tall, and it's especially pretty when it moves in the breeze. 

But upon closer inspection, not all of the grass is standing up tall and pretty — in reality, it's just the outside ring. Inside, the grass has all been trampled and broken, leaving it to lie on the ground and whither away.

The outside doesn't match the inside. Seeing this plot from a distance, it would appear to be healthy and flourishing. It's pretty for pictures and seems to be growing strong. It's not until you peek inside that the true condition is apparent.

All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits. Proverbs 16:2

God sees beyond the walls we put up around us and knows exactly what's on the inside. He is fully aware of how things inside us have gotten trampled, broken and bruised. We can put on a good front and make those walls look vibrant, but we can't hide our innermost thoughts and feelings from the Lord.

Make this a week of identifying your walls. Find out what's standing between you and the broken places in your life. God already knows, so ask Him for discernment and courage to start tearing the walls down and rebuilding what's inside. He has a plan for healing and repair in those secret places, and He'd love to talk with you about it this week.


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