A Sweet Little Dress-Up Dog Collar

When Danny had two white shirts ready to be thrown out - funeral directors are rough on their shirts - I immediately cabbaged them. (To cabbage: to claim as your own. Just so you know.)

White dress shirts generally have a sturdy lining in the collar so it will stand upright and then lay flat. Knowing this, my project idea was perfect.

 I cut off the collar right underneath the top button on both shirts.

This left me with two pretty collars from two dress shirts.

Here is where my plan derailed momentarily. I was going to let Molly wear them and be all dressed up when Danny came home. However, I didn't think about how vastly different my husband's neck size and my Great Dane's neck size would be.

Plan B was a success, though! Molly presented them to her best friend, Stark. He looks so handsome in them, and he has two dress up collars for those special occasions.


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