When A Project Doesn't Go So Well...

Not every project you attempt will turn out like you planned. This became crystal clear to me recently. I wanted to try making a birdseed wreath to hang on the deck, so I gathered what I needed.

I mixed it up according to the directions I found.

And poured it into a prepared pan to set up. But that's where it ended. I'm still not sure what I did wrong, but when I tried to take it out of the pan, it broke in half. It wasn't very sticky, so I assume it was just too big and heavy to stay in that perfect wreath shape

But here's the most important lesson I learned from this crumbling experience: the birds didn't care one way or another if it wasn't in a fancy wreath shape hanging from a burlap ribbon.

They didn't care that I had to set it on the corner tray in a haphazard pile. At least I think that's what this look means.

All they cared about was having a big pile of birdseed that they didn't have the day before. My expectations and their expectations differed quite drastically. So I stood inside, took their pictures and smiled as they had meals for days.


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