Sunday Sketch

Today's sketch will let you combine patterns in an eye-pleasing way, plus making your sentiment, phrase or verse front and center.

Choose a background color or pattern. Then add two patterns, both fairly light, to mat on that background. They'll be overlapped in the middle by that same background paper, bringing its color to the forefront.

Before attaching it to the background, wrap a fiber around the middle a couple of times so you can tie it off next to your sentiment.
For my card, I stayed in the purple family. All three patterns are from the same collection of papers, so they're pre-coordinated.

My sentiment is layered on the same purple and the coordinating yellow, then attached on top of a yellow baker's twine.

Simple, sweet and ready to send!

You can find this card, along with many other great cards, journals and paper crafts, in my Etsy shop. You'll get lots of inspiration, plus you'll probably leave with a gift or two - for you or someone else.


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