Embossed Backgrounds

When you can't find a background paper that you like, or you want to try something completely different, try making your own embossed background for your next handmade card.

You'll need a piece of card stock, embossing supplies and a tissue.

Cover the entire piece of card stock with embossing ink. You can either press the card onto the pad until covered, or you can use a brayer to transfer the ink. Then use the tissue to wipe away part of the ink in one corner and cover it with embossing powder.

Wiping off a portion of the ink will give you the perfect spot to stamp a sentiment later. When you pour off the excess powder, you'll be left with an interesting pattern as well. If you don't like it, wipe it all off and try again. 

The amount of embossing ink in each section will determine how thick and bold the embossed image will be. This is half the fun, creating something interesting and unique from scratch.

In a minute or two, once it's cooled, you can stamp directly onto the embossed background. The second, darker ink will sink into the spaces between the dots of embossed pattern. You never know exactly what it will look like then, which is also neat to see.

Lastly, stamp your phrase in the open space using embossing ink and the darkest of your powders. This will make it jump off the page and stand out from the colors around it. You can use it as is, or you can trim it down and mat it to a coordinating color of card stock. Just be careful cutting through embossed images, as they often fray and tear.


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