Learning Of Jesus

Just because you're not in school anymore doesn't mean you're supposed to stop learning. You've never arrived, so to speak, at a point where you know everything you're supposed to know and you can just put yourself on cruise control for the rest of your life. That's why colleges often offer continuing education classes, designed for adults to learn a new skill or pursue a new interest.

The same goes for learning about the Lord. Repeatedly in Scripture we read that God wants us to listen to His words, find understanding in them and apply them to our lives. This isn't something that happens overnight, or once in our lifetime even, but is an ongoing process throughout our lives as Christians.

There are three levels to learning:

1. Knowledge - being able to repeat facts like you would during a history test.

2. Understanding - deeper comprehension of the topic and the details of its characteristics.

3. Wisdom - putting the knowledge and understanding into practical use in your own life.

As we change and grow while we age, our comprehension level matures as well. God knows that today we're ready to learn something that we didn't know yesterday, and He knows exactly what to show us so we'll be ready for tomorrow. This is just one of the many blessings of wisdom and understanding that comes from a strong relationship with out heavenly Father.

One of the most special people we can learn and understand more about every day is Jesus Christ. He is our perfect example for how to live for God, and each of the gospels is full of instruction, wisdom and knowledge just ripe for the taking. Christ even said very specifically that He wanted His followers to understand more and more about Him.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. Matthew 11:29

Learn of me, He said. Once yoked with Christ, we're in the best possible position to learn who He is, since He's right there beside us. He wants us to understand His meekness and lowliness - where it comes from and how He could have that heart attitude.

Rest for my soul sounds like one of the most beautiful gifts the Lord could give, doesn't it. And when does He say it will come? You'll find it once you've taken His yoke and learned of Him.

Each day will bring new truths of who Christ is, what He wants for us and how He wants us to act and react to the circumstances around us. So how do we learn about Christ?

* Read your Bible every single day. The Lord doesn't speak to us audibly or through dreams like in the Old Testament, so everything we need to know and understand will be found in His word.

* Talk to other people about their testimonies. Listen to how Christ has worked and is working in their lives. These lessons are invaluable to putting together a complete picture of His character.

* Keep a gratitude journal. Actually being able to see answers to prayer and unexpected blessings will do wonders for your faith and grow in understanding of how God is using you.

* After your prayer time, take a few minutes to listen for the Lord's call to your heart. These are those special moments where the Holy Spirit moves and shares knowledge with you, and you can turn it into true wisdom to use for the rest of your life.


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