Sunday Sketch

It's time to pull out those tiny embellishments and images, then line them up to show them off. This sketch will let you put a favorite theme front and center while combining some great colors and patterns.

Choose your theme first, then match up a single patterned paper and four small images. The images will be lined up across the card with a ribbon in the background to tie them all together.

Layers of colored card stock and the perfect sentiment will make this card a treasured keepsake for someone special.

For my card, I chose a beautiful snowflake pattern and four glittered 3D snowflakes. (Yes, I now have glitter all over everything. I sparkle!) Each one is matted on two colors of card stock with a third color as a stripe across the middle.

My card is made of white card stock, so I only needed one green piece for a background mat, and then I matted a subtle green and gold snowflakes patterned paper for the background. Don't go too bold with the pattern or you'll drown out the small images.

I finished it off with a vellum sentiment in the bottom corner, which worked perfectly on top of the light background paper.

You can find many more Christmas cards and gifts in our Etsy shop. There are many colors and styles to choose from, and we're now taking special orders so you'll be ready for the upcoming holiday seasons.


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