Painted Acorns For Fall Decorating

I have entitled this photograph "Glass Jar Full Of Ugly, Boring Acorns."

This is where we end up so many times when we're decorating for fall. Autumn often means bringing the outdoors in, and this is what we get - natural, neutral tones.

But that's not all fall is about.

After a few minutes in the oven to kill the bugs and dry them out and a little dusting off, you have the perfect work surface.

Now add a light coat of paint (or a heavy, bold one if you'd like) and cover with a little Mod Podge.

Half the fun is seeing nature up close and personal as you carefully paint an acorn no bigger than your fingernail.

And you end of up with a much more beautiful collection of acorns.

Now you're asking, "So what do I do with them now? All I have is a jar full of pretty acorns."

Here are my suggestions to start you off:

* Glue them to floral foam to make a wreath.

* For the ones connected together, tie them to a piece of ribbon for a napkin ring.

* Use them as table scatter at a family meal.

* Glue them to a bow and use as a package topper.

* Fill a bowl with pretty rocks, tuck a candle in the middle and scatter acorns across the top for a centerpiece.

* Add a little glitter while the paint is still wet. Then fill a small jar with them for party favors or hostess gifts.


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