Cleaning The Waffle Iron

Everyone's looking for faster, easier, less-elbow-grease ways to clean. The less time we spend scrubbing, polishing and washing, the more time we have for something else.

So here's one very simple way to do just that.

I adore my waffle iron. Danny gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago, and it's the kind that rotates like the ones at a hotel. I use it for everything from waffles to cornbread to cake.

Did I mention that I love my waffle iron?

What I don't love is cleaning out all the grooves and notches. It is always greasy, and it's not as if you can just let it soak in the sink for a couple of hours. (Please do not attempt that. It's silly.)

Instead, take three or four paper towels and get them slightly wet. As soon as you've made your last waffle/cornbread/cake, unplug the waffle iron and lay the paper towel inside. Close it up and let it steam for two or three minutes, standing close by to watch. You don't want to burn the paper towel and make an even bigger mess.

Once you've opened it back up and discarded the paper towel, you'll be able to wipe the insides clean without scrubbing. Be careful not to touch the metal parts with a bare hand yet, as they'll still be hot enough to cook.

The steam loosens it all, leaving you with just a little bit of wiping. Once it's cool, you can finish wiping down the metal parts and the outside, leaving you with a like-new waffle iron.


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