Gum Drop Leaves

I love fall and I love spending time in the kitchen. Combine the two and I'll never leaf! (Get it? Leaf? Leave? Thank you ... I'll be here all week.)

In celebration of this beautiful season, I put together spice cupcakes with caramel frosting and gum drop leaf decorations. Tiny cookie cutters make the job quick and easy, and they're the perfect size for baking decorations.

To make the leaves, start with a large gum drop. (The small ones aren't quite big enough.) Just as you would use flour on your work surface when working with pastry dough, you'll want plenty of sugar on hand so the gum drops don't stick. Sprinkle it on your work surface frequently.

Use a rolling pin to smash them down. Roll both directions, then flip them over and roll a little more. You'll want plenty of sugar for this part, as the sticky part comes to the surface when they're smashed.

They don't have to be completely flat and thin, just large enough for your cookie cutter.

Continue with each of the colors until you have enough for each cupcake. I wouldn't suggest using any gum drops that have already broken a little, as you can't really get them back together. I had a few like this, and they fell apart after they were cut.

I adore this look, and now I'm excited to try it again at Christmas time with some other tiny cookie cutters. I may never stop!


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