Sunday Sketch

If you're getting ready to start making your Christmas cards, since it's almost October already, this is the perfect sketch to start with. While it will work with any theme and color combination, it lends itself very well to the holiday season.

Beginning with one solid color and one coordinating patterned paper, the layout is incredibly simple.

The highlight of this sketch is the stitching around the patterned piece. You can use any type of thread you like, or you can use a stitched stamp for a quick and easy stitched look.

A ribbon around the entire card is accented with a beautiful holiday sentiment.
For my card, I started with a deep green card stock and matched it up with a worn-look striped Christmas paper. If you use two papers from a matched stack, it will save you even more thinking - which is a very good thing!

Then I stitched the two pieces together with a red metallic thread. It will only take a strand or two to get the look you want.

Before attaching the paper to the card, I wrapped it in white satin ribbon and tied a small bow. Then I taped it to the back and cut of the excess so it wouldn't be so bulky.

This card stock sticker phrase fit the card perfectly, so all I had to do was raise it on 3D adhesive to stand out above the ribbon.

You'll find many more cards like this one in our Etsy shop. Come visit today for more great ideas and a gift or two.


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