Mini Clothespin Signs

  In recent weeks, two different friends have given me clothespins. I hadn't asked for them, because who asks for clothespins? Well, crafty people do, but in these cases I didn't. 

They're miniature clothespins, just 1.75 inches long, so they're perfect for hanging things on greetings cards. (More on that another day.)

With my new tiny clothespins, I made some adorable little signs. Because the pins are so small, the verses and images are, too. I'm excited to take them to Walk On Art Street next weekend and see if other people love them as much as I do.

The fun part was digging through all of my supplies to find die cuts, stickers and verses that were the right size and shape. The die cuts could be used as-is, and I put the stickers on white card stock. This made them sturdier and made the colors stand out more.

I experimented with several different adhesives to see which ones would work better. Glue dots worked perfectly, as did wood/paper craft glue. (I use the 3M Scotch quick-dry adhesive.) From there is was so much fun to put them together. There's such a variety of flowers, butterflies, phrases and Bible verses and so many bright, cheery colors.


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