A Weekend Of Remembering

And those twelve stones, which they took out of Jordan, did Joshua pitch in Gilgal. Joshua 4:20

A pile of stones in the middle of nowhere sure would be odd. Who wouldn't ask questions about who put them there and why?

And he spake unto the children of Israel, saying, When your children shall ask their fathers in time to come, saying, What mean these stones? Joshua 4:21

Joshua knew that the men who brought the stones out of the dry river bed would never forget. But who would tell the next generations, those who weren't there to see the miracle?

Then ye shall let your children know, saying, Israel came over this Jordan on dry land. For the LORD your God dried up the waters of Jordan from before you, until ye were passed over, as the LORD your God did to the Red sea, which he dried up from before us, until we were gone over. Joshua 4:22-23

Imagine the power of their testimony, being able to say that God had held back the waters just for them, so they could cross over on dry land. Imagine sharing that testimony with young people who hadn't been there, but were longing to learn who God is.

That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever. Joshua 4:24

Because when all is said and done, everything that happens in life is for your good and for the glory and honor of God. Being able to share the stories about the blessings of the Lord is a great and powerful gift that you alone can share. Having the twelve stones was just the conversation starter for the people of Joshua's day. What's yours?

Make this a weekend of remembering. Others passing by your pile of stones will have no idea what they mean - but won't you be thrilled to tell them all that God has done for you? What a wonderful way to show them the hand of the Lord on your life.


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