Puppies - The Best Antidepressant

There is absolutely no way you can be depressed with puppies around. Just by canine nature, their presence alone can bring a smile to the most hardened face.

Bailey is the first dog I've ever had, so she's my very special puppy. Just seeing the happy look on her face when I walk in the room makes my heart soar!

On those rare occasions when we're all five in the room together, our puppies love to hang out as a pack. They vie for attention and cuddle as close as they can for some special time. They make the perfect set of companions.

There is very little in this life that beats this smile. Sadie has many health problems, some of which keep her from moving very well, but it never gets her down. She is one of the happy-go-luckiest puppies I've ever seen, and her happiness is contagious.

We call this the Peanut Butter Oreo photo. Every once in a great while, they'll all be together like this - two black dogs with their brown, much larger little sister in the middle. 

Molly is still a puppy, despite her size. She takes lots of naps, and the look on her face as she fights sleep is one of the cutest things ever. And yes, that's a very large dog cuddled in my lap. She's a people dog.


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