Sunday Sketch

You don't have to fill up the entire front of a card to make it beautiful. I think we sometimes think "more is better," so we find as many patterns and colors and embellishments as possible and splash them all over our paper crafts.

Sometimes, though, simple and clean can be absolutely perfect.

For this sketch, you'll combine just four elements - a solid background, a patterned paper, an embellishment and a sentiment.

Where you go from there is up to you!
For my card, I started with a white card stock card and matted a solid green card stock on top of it.

My textured gum drop paper runs the entire length of the left hand side of the card.

The large embellishment in the bottom corner are two 3D candy canes.

And the sentiment is a card stock sticker on red card stock, embellished with three tiny white gems.

It's a very simple card, but one that grabs your attention because it's not busy.

There are hundreds of cards like this one in our Etsy shop. We're on vacation this week to get ready for our local outdoor craft show, but come visit next week for lots of great paper crafts and wood gifts.


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