Sunday Sketch

Just because a sketch is simple doesn't mean there aren't a dozen ways to change it up. Get your thinking cap on for this one and see how many different card designs you can come up with.

The background is just two layers - a solid color and a great pattern.

A large circle image is your main focal point, made out of decorator paper or other embellishments, then matted on a coordinating color.

Your sentiment steps up front and center underneath your image.

Yes, I know. Your imagination is running wild already, isn't it?
for my card, I started with a bright green decorator paper and matted a fun striped decorator paper on top. Make sure your pattern's too wild or it will drown everything else out.

For my circle, I used a marbled blue decorator paper and filled it with butterfly and flower stickers. Then I cut out a mat of dark pink to match the stripe behind it.

My Bible verse is matted on two more coordinating solid colors.

To dress it up a little, there is a bright green gem in each corner.

To see more great cards like this, come visit our Etsy shop. You'll find more ideas and lots of paper crafts and wood gifts.


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