Cleaning Those Hard-To-Reach Places

Whether you're doing your fall cleaning, getting a house ready to sell or just tired of looking at dirt and grime, you can always find one more thing to clean. Some of those hard-to-reach places, however, seem next to impossible to get clean, let alone keep clean. 

This is the track for our sliding glass door, which has a screen on the outside. For this very reason, the track is always full of dust, dirt, mud and some other things I don't really want to know what they are. And because of all the little cracks and crevices, it's terribly difficult to get clean.

But here's the secret. Start by vacuuming out all the loose dirt. Then shake down a thin layer of baking soda into the tracks.

Pour a small amount of vinegar onto the baking soda and smile for a moment while it fizzes.

Almost immediately you'll be able to take a cloth and wipe it out. Some of the nooks and crannies needed a little more scrubbing and a toothpick, but that doesn't require too much elbow grease. The extra effort is worth it to see that it really was white under there!


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