A Surprise Ball

This adorable little craft is a great way to creatively wrap several small gifts in a unique package. It's a little heavy, and lots of fun to open!

Start with a few small trinkets you'd like to give as a gift. This surprise ball is going to a sweet little girl I know, so I found a magnet, eraser, sticker, her initials, tiny dolls and some other bits and pieces. Too fun!

This surprise ball is an easy way to use up your bits and pieces of paper craft fibers, too. Or you can use a new skein of yarn. Start with your largest gift and wind the fibers around it. When you run out of one, tie on the next one.

Once the first trinket is wrapped, add the next one and cover it too. Then keep going!

Once all of your little gifts are wrapped and your ball is finished, choose a pretty fiber to wrap around the outside. Add a tag that explains how to unwind the surprise ball and it's all set to give to someone special!


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